Welcome to our story


We are OPG Pereša from Istria and we have been engaged in olive growing for many years
and thus produce olive oil from our autochthonous olive trees.
We are located in Batvači, which is part of the Vodnjan region. The area is world-renowned for the best olive oil.

We have been selling our olive oil as OPG for many years, and in 2022 we decided to go one step further and create the OLI OIL brand, which will represent us to a wider audience in Croatia and beyond.

The entire Pereša family stands behind OPG, but behind the OLI OIL brand we stand
WE: Patrick, Martina and Oliver (our son), after whom the brand is named.
Oliver: Latin origin "OLIVARIUS" which means " olive""oil" and OLI was created from love.

Our bottles are decorated by our oldest olive tree, which is 150+ years old
and around it there are young olive trees that depend on it, but they all together
represent one family tree.
With further fruiting, picking and placing the product on market in accordance with
nature, we want our witness to live on and to pass it on to both older and younger generations. We hope that everyone who tries Oli Oil will truly
feel with what dose and love we go through this whole process and our

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